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Let's Talk, I Want This

Dear Friend,

Intent Based Branding is the future of advertising as we know it.

The proof is in the fact you're reading this right now.

Here’s how you got here:

First, you saw some of my content on social media.

It was put in front of you on purpose because you’re in my target market.

But it wasn’t just the content itself that got you here.

It was the strategy behind it.

Here’s how the strategy played out:

First, I targeted you with my content because you “fit the mold” of someone I can probably get good results for as a client.

Then, I made sure the content you saw was actually helpful to you.

A lot of care and effort went into that part because it’s one of the most important parts of the equation. 

The reason why is because you and I both know the real key to having someone want to do business with you is to have them ...

Sincerely Believe You 
Can Actually Help Them.

And the most effective way to get someone to believe that is to ...well, actually help them.

So that’s the first thing that got your attention. 

I put content in front of you that actually helped you and then …

You Consumed It

I know you consumed it because the social networks I advertised the content on actually tracked your behavior.

They knew you watched it. 

Then they added you to a special audience that I could show more offers to later.

Which Is Exactly What Happened.

You watched content from me. It helped you. 

Then I made you the offer to become a client.

You paid attention because you’ve already gotten value from me.

...And now you’re here.

Simple. Helpful. AND IT WORKS.

So let’s talk about how we can use this strategy to build your brand ...and get you sales at the same time.

It All Starts With The Message.

The first thing we’ll do is figure out your messaging strategy.

This is a fancy way of saying “we’ll figure out exactly what to say so people like you and want to buy from you.”

Most people get this all wrong, which is why you and I have such a huge opportunity.

They spend all their time trying to look cool, or trying to look like everyone else, or focusing on dumb stuff that simply gets attention but doesn’t sell.

You’ll do the opposite because we’ll reverse engineer the psychology, needs, and desires of your market ...and then we’ll focus on the messaging that actually makes them want to buy from you.

Again - notice why you’re here.

You saw messaging from me that helped you. That was very carefully created to actually deliver value and to “warm you up” for an eventual pitch.

Then you saw a really soft “pitch” to become a client.

And here you are.

We’ll create the same experience for your prospects.

Here’s how.

Step 1: We extract the content from you every week.

Before any content is created, I work with you personally to craft the perfect message and the perfect angle to be the most magnetic to your target market.

In other words, I tell you exactly what to say and how to say it in order to cause people to know, like, and trust your brand.

I don’t put words in your mouth or make you follow a script or anything “canned”.

Instead, I give you the overall theme of your core messages. Then I give you a framework to follow, and then you get your message out of your head and into a “raw material” format that we can use to create something amazing.

In other words, you just talk and we do the rest.

We can “extract” the message from you in a recorded interview done over Skype or Zoom, or you can simply talk into a recorder (like the voice memo app on your phone) and get the content out of your head and captured.

You can even film yourself with your phone “selfie style” after we map out your strategy for that week.

The point is, all you have to do is talk.  

That’s it. 

You can ramble on, make all the mistakes in the world, it doesn’t matter.

Because it’s our job to take that content, edit it down, and turn it into something that can be used to build your brand.

Step 2: Production

We take what you’ve given us and we turn it into video content that people actually watch and share.

It’s like taking an uncut raw diamond and turning it into a sparkling jewel.

You give us the raw material. We make it into a brand building masterpiece that makes people like you and want to buy from you. 

It’s that simple.

By the way, the styling of every client’s videos are different. 

And it always depends on what’s going to be the most appealing to your ideal customer.

For example, my personal videos are almost always done in a “homemade” style.

The graphics are deliberately subdued. 

The settings are deliberately “normal” and mundane.

This is by design because my ideal client has already seen (and is fed up with) countless “Internet Guys” standing in front of jets and exotic cars.

They want someone they can relate to. Someone who’s like them.

So that’s why my own branding is done in that style.

Yours might need to be different. You might need a “hollywood” look. 

Or a “gritty” edge.

Whatever it is, we’ll figure it out based on what your prospects want to see ...and we’ll make it happen.

Step 3: The Finished Product

Every week, we’ll give you two sets of videos that are ready to post and send traffic to.

They’ll be edited and formatted for each major branding platform.

You’ll get two long form videos that are edited for Facebook (with captions and graphics.)

“Long form” is important by the way. That means they’re not useless little 30-second commercials. 

These are full fledged high-value content pieces that actually tell your story, deliver value, and create the bond.

We have best results with videos ranging from three to six minutes each.

You also get two long form videos that are edited for YouTube. These have captions and graphics as well as title graphics to make them stand out on YouTube’s platform.

Plus you’ll get two long form videos that are specifically edited to work with Instagram’s vertical IGTV layout. 

You also get two 60-second videos that you’ll use for Instagram ads and posts.

The net result is that you’ve got a full week’s worth of well produced content that’s specifically created to build your brand, create a unique bond with your target market, and “warm them up” for your offers.

You just talk. We do all the rest.


Step 4: The Offers

After your first two weeks, you’re going to want to start making offers to the people who have consumed your brand-building content.

These are the people who have grown to know, like, and trust you as a result of the videos we’ve created for you. 

That’s why we also help you script and produce videos that drive BUYERS.

There’s an art to doing this right, by the way.

You can’t just throw any old sales pitch in front of them and expect it to work ...even though they already know, like, and trust you.

If you do it wrong, you’ll break that bond ...and all your hard work will go down the drain.

But if you do it right, you’ll be able to make offers to your bonded prospects repeatedly ...without sacrificing the relationship.

And the best part is you’ll see better conversions when you do.

So that’s what we do in step four. 

We help you craft the offers that bring in sales.

Step 5: The Traffic 

The content and offers you create will be specifically designed to do two things:

  1. Maintain the relationship you already have with people who follow you.

  2. Turn complete strangers into raving fans and customers, quickly.

That second part is where most people drop the ball.

They think you can just make a bunch of posts and the money will come.

It won’t.

You need to use the content and offers we make for you as ads.

This is really the secret sauce.

The idea is that when you do this, you’ll get to the point where the advertising itself is profitable ...and you’re essentially getting paid to build your brand.

This just lets you grow the brand bigger and faster than ever.

But you can’t do it without the traffic strategy.

That’s why we run all of your campaigns FOR you.

There’s an art and a science to it ...and we’ve mastered it.

My sole desire is to make sure this is literally the single most profitable investment you’ve ever made in your business, period.

And we’ll work tirelessly to make that happen. 

Here’s how to get started.

This service starts at $20,000 per month. 

Clearly it’s not for beginners or startups. You need to be doing at least $1MM per year in revenue in order to be accepted as a client.

If you’ve got an existing business and a sales process that works, we can create campaigns that bring you raving fan customers in droves.

And if you’re interested, keep your money.

I don’t want you to pay me a dime until you and I are both 100% certain this is the best thing for you to do right now.

And there’s no way either one of us can really know that unless we talk and get to know each other.

So if you’re interested, let’s set up a time to talk. 

I’ll answer any questions you have, and I’ll ask you a few myself.

And if we both decide we’re a good fit, then we can move forward.

And if we don’t, that’s fine. If you’re happy, I’m happy. It really is that simple.

So with that said, fill out your info below and we’ll schedule a time to talk ASAP.

Intent Based Branding Works
(After All, It’s What Got You Here.)

Intent Based Branding Works
(After All, It’s What Got You Here.)

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